52 Palestinians peoples killed during Israeli deadly firing

Israeli army kills 52 people injures over 2,400 in terrible massacre at Gaza border at least 52 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip today as thousands of Palestinians took to the streets across the occupied territory to mark. The 70th anniversary of Nakba which is Arabic literally translating to the disaster which was when Palestinians were displaced from their homeland in 1948 with the creation of Israel their descendants.

Now whole five million refugees including more than two million in the working Palestinian territory alone who have been asking for an end to the Israeli attack and the right to respond to their homeland while the festival of Palestinians remaining driven from their homeland is typically celebrated on the 15th of May at large rallies are taking place the day back to support the next start of the Muslim holy period of Ramazan.

Protest at the inauguration of the US Embassy in Jerusalem according to the minister Israeli forces have killed at least 90 Palestinians and wounded more than 11,000 since the beginning of the march on March 30th the international community has roundly denounced the Army’s excessive use of force that is except for of course the United States and Saudi Arabia who are their allies this is something we have documented since the very beginning of this march and that has gone on well before this March stopped taking place but we have seen open assassinations of unarmed civilians with absolutely no discussion by the United States clearly showing an open hypocrisy in regard to what they call out in other countries.

While Israel does much worse than the fake accusations they levy on places like Syria this is something we have to recognize and I think a lot of people are actually beginning to see this clearly like we said because the international community is openly beginning to call this out but today is a huge escalation and despite this widely acknowledged disgusting show of excessive force Trump calls Jerusalem embassy move a great day for Israel seemingly skipping right over all of the murders that just took place the White House today even blamed Hamas for deadly violence on Israel’s border with Gaza where the 55 Palestinians were shot.

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