Aftron AFLED4320DFSJ Smart LED TV Software Free Download:

General Specifications Info:


Model: AFLED4320DFSJ

Main Board: TP-MS338.PC821

Screen Size: 43” Inch

Resolution: 1920×1080p



Power Supply: 100,240V; 50 Hz

SoftwareType: AFLED4320DFSJ program data USB

Software Name: allupgrade.msd338.4G.1G.ref54.bin

How to Update AFLED4320DFSJ Smart LED Software:

Download Software file

Extract the RAR file

Copy to SD Card/USB bin file

Insert in AFLED4320DFSJ Smart LED

Few seconds Awaiting for red indicator light will start blinking

Wait when still led light stops blinking

After this led light will still on the red light

Remove the USB Disk

Done! Software successfully installed.

Note: The following given AFLED4320DFSJ Smart LED Software is an upgradeable Team is not Responsible for any type of damage in result with loading To installing Software Problem.

Click Here To Download AFLED4320DFSJ Software:

No Card Resolution Download Link
1 AFLED4320DFSJ Software.USB.part1 Download
AFLED4320DFSJ Software.USB.part2 Download
AFLED4320DFSJ Software.USB.part3 Download
AFLED4320DFSJ Software.USB.part4 Download
AFLED4320DFSJ Software.USB.part5 Download
AFLED4320DFSJ Software.USB.part6 Download
AFLED4320DFSJ Software.USB.part7 Download
AFLED4320DFSJ Software.USB.part8 Download
AFLED4320DFSJ Software.USB.part9 Download
AFLED4320DFSJ Software.USB.part10 Download

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