America is in tension to handle Iran nuclear deal issue

The world is clearly starting to distance itself from this kind of imperialistic authoritarian ventures of the United States the real question. Here is are we going to allow the United States using our name to overthrow another country specifically Venezuela. We’ve seen the way that their economic sanctions have wreaked havoc across that country despite the fact that trying to always frame it as being. This is what socialism does which you know from sure plays a factor I’m not going to get into that discussion here.

The anti-Mediacom EU Iran agreed to salvage nuclear deal despite us breach of the agreement the European Union and Iran signaled on Saturday. That they would not permit president Donald Trump’s deeply unpopular decision to exit the Iran nuclear deal to deteriorate their own involvement in the agreement. Which is a fantastic thing to see and again like I said clearly the world is not going along with their recent attempts click? You know the right out of John Bolton’s mouth into Trump’s ear attempts to overthrow Iran and Syria in other places.

We’re seeing take place quote we have sent a message to Iranian friends that as long as they are sticking to the agreement. The Europeans will fulfill their commitment and they said the same thing on the other side said ‘i use top energy official. It seems they’ve even taken it one step further likely due to Iranian reluctance due to already being misled once by the united states. It seems they’re not only choosing to stick with the deal. But are adjusting it to fit for the new situation ie the absence and future hostility pending of the United States coming from anti-war calm EU.

Russia and China in talks on new Iran nuclear deal leaving us sidelined. This new deal would keep Iran’s requirements the same as the existing deal. But would increase the incentives guaranteed by other powers. This is an attempt to keep Iran complying with the deal as u.s. ratchets up the sanctions. The New Deal is said to offer Iran billions of dollars in financial aid to make up for u.s. dishonoring the pact and withdraw its own sanctions relief. The deal also aims to pledge international cooperation to prevent US sanctions being enforced internationally that’s a very big deal in a big statement.

The idea of withdrawing sanction relief is never an action like not doing something terrible to that country is a pot. Its one that’s the thing that the US was doing it just seems kind of a ridiculous statement clearly not doing something bad is not an action. But what we’re seeing here is very a very big step that they’re basically claiming not only that they’re going to basically give them billions of dollars to counteract these sanctions by the United States. But in a sense also prevent those US sanctions from being enforced internationally. That’s a huge shift in power right there that we’re seeing this connection happen where they’re gonna basically stand against US sanctions internationally.

The United States power in the world is waning.

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