America is out of from the nuclear deal with Iran

The Iranians will never get a nuclear weapon. But the question remains to what extent that was the optimal way to achieve it. You know the fact that America pulls out doesn’t cancel the deal. It does you appeals we say everyone will stay and probably some multinational she open multinationals will feel more constrained in making deals. But you know some of them might find back-to-back companies in the Far East or someone who can walk around yeah. So basically the question is what is the best way you know the Iranians did.

They developed missiles which might be used. But that’s out of the agreement they spread all around the region including in a garage that not part of the of the agreement. They even made soldiers in certain places that are a part of the agreement. So probably the better way would have been to approach the allies. Those who are willing and they establish a new phone to come and convince Iran to do more. I don’t see how I mean renegotiate some aspect because the deal the deal is there you know we iii thought.

It’s a bad deal when it was made and but once it was signed it became a metal fact you know in a way we don’t have to spend too many words about the situation before the announcement because once the American president announced that America is out of the deal. So that’s a new fact. So the most we can say that we hope now that he might be able to convince the other participants of the deal that the parties to the deal to move together with him I doubt it lets shift a little bit to your country’s dealings with Iran in Syria as you well know Iran has been building up a military presence in Syria.

Israel has been pushing back on that this keeps escalating do you have a sense that israel and iran are gonna come to a more overt conflict in syria I hope not and I am convinced its not needed israeli the stronger power around we should be self-confident enough to a first of all heat whenever its needed any iranian deployment in syria in this regard I would say if you have to shoot dont dont talk like wallach said in the famous movie but having said that the developments are disturbing especially the effort to upgrade the accuracy of the 140 000 rockets and missiles.

Which the Hezbollah is in Lebanon many of them cover most of Israel. So basically it’s a real challenge and we will keep acting against it I don’t think that we have to talk so much I feel that there is more deterrence in keeping some aspect of our operations and a certain kind of mystery so basically it seems that the public aspect of it sells more kind of domestic needs of this or other nature, not the real sense but Israel has been good on its founder already formulated so clearly we have to win any war each and every war we have our enemies have to win only once so that enough Israel developed advanced and became stronger during the intervals between.

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