Apple Released iOS 12.3 with Several Changes

New Look

Apple issued iOS 12.3 to the peoples. This is open Global and should be available on any Design, iPhone 5s and later now if you Had the beta on here earlier. You do not require to raise the beta profile in line To get it.

But you will want to Update to have the newest iOS 12.3. If It’s not connecting for you though run to General scroll down to continue to profile remove. This profile reboots your phone.

iOS 12.3 Changes

You’ll be ready to truly install iOS 12.3. Now on that phone with the beta Fixed iOS 12.3. If you did not have the beta Fixed prior to that and you were Just on iOS 12.2 or earlier. It’s going to Grow at it a tiny bit less, depending on the phone.

Build Numbers

Let’s Take a view of the build number. You can View the build number looks like f16, f15.6 and This special build adds quite a several Things in the setting.

Including a lot Of protection updates. The primary thing it adds is airplay too. So if you have one of these different Smart TVs that have airplay to ability. You’ll now be ready to give your photos At your videos and your music right from your device.

New Update

Apple TV

You can on an Apple TV phone. So if we needed to share this For say screen mirroring or Something similar that and we had one of the Smart TV things.

We could give it with our many Apple TV or that TV. Then you’ll have that experience. Now if you Have an example of these Smart TV devices. The Following point they updated has to do regularly With the TV app.

So that’s what this Important update is of 12.3. The adds help For this new completely redesigned TV app and It provides for support and information Like that.

Final Release


But besides the capacity to subscribe to A collection of various services and it Also will have the location of the end. The information you thought so maybe you were Seeing the last game of thrones or Band of Brothers. You’ll notice it actually Holds the location.

If I were to perform This it would begin over or wouldn’t Start above. It would start at the place I left off, that’s right from The TV app even if it has to go inside Something more like Amazon Prime video. So that’s a new small feature that They’ve combined.

Siri Changes

They’ve more added Siri ideas too Watching movies and TV shows. So if you Go in your Siri suggestions, you may Have one for TV programs. When there’s Something different and then also they’ve Attached intelligent suggestions in on phone.

So other than just Siri Suggestions there might be several Suggestions not only on the television app.

We should recognize that the IOS 13 with the great changes at least. The primary beta of it with it publishing in September eventually to the public.

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