Archie Harrison the Royal Baby Name

Harry and Meghan Baby Name

It is over today we got our very first Glimpse of the new Royal baby. Prince Harry and Duchess said Megan proudly Showing him off to the world of the First time in the historic Windsor Castle and then, of course, we had to find Out the little princes name, yeah, getting A chance to meet the great camp parents.

Prince Harry and Meghan Baby

He is Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor did I say that right And that’s there okay perfect Harry and Make it breaking from royal tradition.

They announced his name on Instagram Just about four hours ago They posted this photo with little Archie meets his great grandparents It’s Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip And we have the news first to me.

Prince William & Queen Elizabeth

The Royal Family

Here with his Fathers Grandmother Doria Raglan and Great-grandparents Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip charm. It’s moderately wondrous I have the two biggest guys in the world.

Archie Comics

So, I’m Arch Harrison head name spelling brave Or bold and Harrison indicates son of Harry Only two days old. But his title is Now a big hit with Brits and New Yorkers like. It’s a bit extra sort of South London not so rich.

We believed it might be Brian others Thought the Duke and Duchess would Add a name like Spencer. An offer to Harry’s mother, Princess Diana I thought It’d be a fine tribute to have someone. In there Spencer, the family name because I know how royal both sons are to their Mother but like various items.

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