Asia Cricket Cup (T20) 2020

Meeting in Singapore

This is great to hear that a conference resisted on Tuesday marked Pakistan win in getting the hosting benefits for the Asia Cup (T20) in 2020.

A piece of great news for Pakistani cricket lovers that Pakistan will soon entertain the Asia Cup 2020 events. Which will be in a T20I arrangement in September leading of the World T20 competition.

The settlement was published in a conference of the Asian Cricket Council continued in Singapore, which held members from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Srilanka and Afghanistan.

Pakistan was described by the director of PCB Ehsan Mani and PCB Wasim Khan at the conference.

Experts near to PCB demand that the committee has demanded the Sri Lankan cabinet to address their safety team to examine the safety systems in Pakistan.

The conference also decided that cricket will be held in 2022 Games of Asian.

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