Asus ROG Phone is the #1 Gaming Headset

ROG Phone Review

We’ve noticed the Asus company start Everything from wet cooled gaming Laptops plus gaming screens. It all seems somewhat the same next to Its advanced blue sky goods the ROG phone.

The headset is the newest gaming phone To hit the business, but rather than Giving a courtesy of the screen tech In the design of the razor phone or increasing GPU performance.

ROG GamePlay


The ROG phone has a 6 inches display (2160x 1080) 18×9 AMOLED screen performance that has a 90 Hertz refresh rate. It is provided With certain Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Processor and Adreno 630 GPU and up to 512 Gb ROM Inside space with 8 Gb of RAM. It has also a 4000 mAh Battery and MicroSD card slot.


The phone has much important flagship Level specification so for design. The ROG mobile Almost gaming phone with a large RGB ROG logo. It’s black and copper logo, The stroke color design is deep-key.


But a large RGB logo beautiful just Brings awareness to the phone. Though you Can ever switch it off or set it to just Light up when you get information. There are Many obvious bezels but it’s nice Because of their moderately powerful stereo Speakers.

Operating System


It works on Android OS with a surface. But it’s not the typical origin ones. It is a uniquely created of surface which Does take any time to get managed. But after a few hours of usage that Isn’t a difficulty anymore.


It is pretty comparable to HTC Utopia, One plus squeeze purpose. It will Start an app or trigger a role. So For example, it will start the camera App or set on X mode. While you’re Gaming though it rather much works Like an Xbox console trigger simply.

It is only helpful in specific games such As FPS games and some mobile games. Unless it is much active though Not perfect for constant triggering.

Asus ROG Gaming Handset


The ROG phone has a double central camera setup is 12 megapixels Usual shooter and the additional 8 Megapixel wide-angle camera on the face. Both of them have HDR in picture mode.

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