Bella Hadid Romantic Date Issue in Paris

Bella Hadid Date Issue 2018

Bella Hadid in the weekend vacation together in Paris Plus did they just make their relationship Instagram official there are just not enough hours and a day to work with this kind of news. But we’ll do our best because Bella Hadid and The Weeknd are so cute after over a year of dating Bella and the weekend called it quits back in 2016. Just a few months before the weekend went public with his relationship with Selena Gomez.

Which isn’t actually important right now at all, but can we just take a minute to remember that wild ride now less than two years since their initial split Bella and Abel appear to be totally back together according to some cold hard photographic evidence and the internet detectives of course obviously. You can’t hide a relationship when there are photos of said relationship all over the internet and Bella on the weekend have clearly figured that out. Because they were definitely not hiding while vacationing in pairs together.

Just last week the two were spotted enjoying each other’s company during dinner Bella is all smiling in the sweet pic and a source gave E-news even more insight into their romantic date. The source tells equally they sat outside and had a long conversation he was showing her things on his phone. She was totally at ease kicking back with a glass of Rose a and cigarette they left with their arms wrapped around each other laughing and enjoying the evening.

He’s stopped in a street corner to buy her roses which he carried around the city. Then they walked to Sardinia a Tavola for a romantic dinner they sat outside again and enjoyed each other’s company. They were giggling and seemed so happy together. They had a car pick them up at the end of the night and take them back to their apartment hotel and if that’s not enough to make it official. They Loki did actually make it official well kind of the weekend posted a photo to his Instagram stories of a woman’s hand holding a sugar packet.

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