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India Army Crime ‘Brutal Crackdown’ in Kashmir Valley

India Army Crime in Kashmir Tensions are flared in the disputed Indian control part of Kashmir as thousands. All People…

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China’s Space Shuttle on the way to Hit the World

China’s Tiangong-1 Space Shuttle The safest place to have hot metal falling from the sky. Humans have purposefully crashed hundred…

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12 Palestinians were killed By Israel Security Forces

12 Palestinians continued murdered and hundreds hurt by Israeli defense forces at the opening of organized six-week protests forward from…

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U.S Airforce Helicopter Crash in Iraq Border March 2018

U.S Airforce version of special Army’s helicopter “Black Hawk” and tonight Pentagon saying to pave Hawks like this one moved…

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China Declares 175 Billion Dollars in Defense Budget 2018

China’s Defense Budget 2018 The international news bureau, China has published to designate $ 175 billion expense by 8% growth…

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Pakistan and America Relation Not To Bad

Relations Between Pakistan and America 2018 Pakistan and America relationships will not be going wrong: American State Department says Islamabad…

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Russian President claims of Hypersonic Missile

Russian New Hypersonic Missile Vladimir Putin (Russian President) declares to complete a new creation of Hypersonic missile. Russia Country has…

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