China Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC Hidden Facts

China Pakistan Economic Corridor

Why is China making stakes of 50-60 billion USD in Pakistan, What is China thinking?, What benefits is China seeking?, And how big of a risk is China taking?, And what’s America’s role in this whole scenario? And how is Pakistan becoming a big player in this business game?

Since 2013, when CPEC became famous in Pakistan Pakistan Government is giving it names such as Game-Changer and Fate Changer And, the government is showing as if they’ve conquered Rome Every other day, there’s a CPEC seminar taking place Some big statements are being issued Something CPEC related just keeps happening.

They have not learned to speak the truth While lies get caught in today’s age So they have decided to stay silent Anyhow, even if the Government and politicians refuse speak That doesn’t mean we won’t find any information Print media has published detailed accounts on every aspect of CPEC So, we put on our reading glasses We had to do a lot of digging because no one openly speaks out these facts But, after a lot of reading, when eyes became groggy CPEC’s image kept getting clearer.

CPEC Money PlanEven though CPEC is exceeding the budget of $60 billion But at the core, it is a 46 billion US Dollars project So, the question is that if only a road was required to connect Khunjrab to Gwadar It doesn’t require 46 billion Dollars it would require no more than 1-2 billion Dollars Besides, Pakistan already has very decent road network Many experts believe that this is the best road network in the region.



So, where are these 46 billion Dollars going to be spent?

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