Colorado STEM School Shooting At Highlands Ranch

School Firing Today

The school firing today at the stem Highlands Ranch in which one junior was shot another seven were hurt. Two Shooters students themselves are in jail and all are now feel easy identifying one of the two assumed shooters.

We’ve confirmed with various law enforcement specialists that Devon Erikson an 18-year-old is the identity of the two prisoners who’s an arrest, police are preparing now to search a car that he’s supposed to have driven to the building and a place about a mile from the school in Islands Ranch. A home that estate records list to his mothers that state has been cordoned off.

School Shooting

There’s a big police residence there the home is visible in the yard. Here in this shot, we know and police walk fairly fast to that home after the pair shooters were taken in charge. This evening and they quickly cordoned off the home with evil scene tape and they’ve been struggling with getting search permits and so forth they have moved some next-door-neighbor back.

Police Action

They have moved us back and other journalists who are there back. The primary time that the shooters were scholars that they were making search warrants for houses plural and a carrier. So we understand that this is the one scholar’s home and we’ve got a combined vehicle and then there’s different home someplace that they’re further viewing at.

We understand that to be the crisis. We are not at that other home at the moment we wish to be at some point, but we understand that the car that police were originally suspected of in the first minutes.

Police Investigation

This information is in the school parking lot and they were going on getting a hunt warrant for that as well as this house and exploring both of these. We haven’t seen any kind of evidence that they think that the car or its contents could be a warning.

But as you know moving all the way back wistfully to Columbine ammunition is always a concern for law implementation. When they’re dealing with a case similar to this.


Then the data we’ve noticed from the view is that they are taking cares of the home as well that they have requested nearby friends to move back and that they have passed you know witnesses and journalists and cameramen down the street.

One question that we’ll talk about sometimes while our coverage of these conflicts like school huntings is what you originally hear about the police communication is they’re distributed with a real-time position.

Which there are the warnings to life energy and shelter some of its accurate some of its not correct some of its attention so on and so forth we’ve both put the records of the police radio this evening. They had this kid’s title on the radio when the conflict in real-time this midday.

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