CV638H.A42 Firmware Free Download:

CV638H.A42 LED TV Smart Board 60 and 120 Hz screens Supported Up to Resolution 3840×2160 Full HD CV638H.A42 Operating System Version Android 4.4.4

General Specification Info:

Brand: LED TV Smart Board

Model: CV638H-A42

Resolution: Up to 3840×2160 UHD

Chipset: CV638H-B-13/14 +MST6M60

Aspect Ratio: 16:09

CPU: Dual Core 1.2Ghz

Ram: 1GB

Storage: 8 GB

WIFI Antenna: Yes

Power Rating: 100V~240V 50Hz/60Hz

Firmware Type: USB Upgradeable

Note: The following is given CV638H-A42 SmartBoard Firmware is an upgradeable, Team is not Responsible for any type of damage in result with loading To installing Firmware Problem.

Click Here To Download CV638H-A42 Firmware:

No Card Resolution Download Link
1 CV638H-A42 3840×2160.Mitashi.MiDE40v03.P1 Download
CV638H-A42 3840×2160.Mitashi.MiDE40v03.P2 Download
CV638H-A42 3840×2160.Mitashi.MiDE40v03.P3 Download
CV638H-A42 3840×2160.Mitashi.MiDE40v03.P4 Download
CV638H-A42 3840×2160.Mitashi.MiDE40v03.P5 Download
CV638H-A42 3840×2160.Mitashi.MiDE40v03.P6 Download
CV638H-A42 3840×2160.Mitashi.MiDE40v03.P7 Download
CV638H-A42 3840×2160.Mitashi.MiDE40v03.P8 Download
CV638H-A42 3840×2160.Mitashi.MiDE40v03.P9 Download
CV638H-A42 3840×2160.Mitashi.MiDE40v03.P10 Download
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