European Union rejects America after cancelled Iran nuclear deal

America Relations with Iran 2018:

Donald Trump pulling out of the nuclear deal the rest of the world basically revolting against that and then all of a sudden immediately following that Israel decides to start openly attacking Syria. Which is barely covered by mainstream media until basically forced to cover is likely due to independent media and their coverage of it. But now kind of giving you just the Israel version of it. So all this is going on and it’s not looking real good for the United States and up low.

Behold the five most one of Isis leaders captured trapped using a smartphone app. It’s really that mean this is interesting here this seems like a very coincidental thing to happen all of a sudden after all this time and all this effort up and just pop five the five most wanted Isis leaders happen to be captured the day after and he Donald Trump tweets about it to me that stands out as very suspect. But it’s interesting the way it plays out too using a solo smartphone app.

It’s just this is one that really stood out to me so essentially a security adviser to Iraq’s government said that Iraqi agents had detained a top aide to Isis leader al Baghdadi incidentally someone that’s been claimed to have been captured and killed numerous times over the past. So many years and then they used an app on that aide’s phone to then lure four commanders from the terrorist organization into a trap convincing the four Iraqis and one Syrian to cross the border from Syria into Iraq.

Where they were then captured by officials. Now I’m sure it’s this is entirely likely I mean you know he wouldn’t surprise me something. So simple would capture them but after all the effort that’s gone into this and how it just seems like a very weirdly play story and kind of kind of elementary at the end of the day but what we’re seeing here is the timing of all of this and I mean not even to consider the idea that Isis in and of itself and these groups are funded created armed by the US and the Western nations.

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