Google Service Access Denied after Huawei Ban in America

Huawei Banned in the USA

Huawei Technology just banned in America after Trump order. That is very sad news for Huawei users and its importers.

President Trump has approved an executive The law prevents US groups. The using Things made by international firms that Pose a nationwide protection risk.

It’s a complete order targeting rather Much. Just one group qua when the Chinese telecom monster is the world’s 2nd biggest smartphone maker.

China Reaction

Huawei Owner
Huawei Owner

Huawei telecom Ltd will instantly lose path to updates to the Android working way. Outside of Asia will further fail admittance to favorite software and settings including the Google Services.

It’s made into the base Under the largest mobile systems. It’s been designed as one of the Common duplicitous companies on the earth. With complaints of Intelligent property piracy, Corporate Surveillance, and good traditional point Purportedly on part of the Chinese State.


The Wall Street Journal calls Writers over for a weeklong journey to Show just how excellent and healthy y’ all are.

It sets out we were the only story An company that gave up. When you move to faraway country large much Everything is controlled by the spirit.

How makes it? Get you to know when you understand the composition From the US state.

Huawei Technologies

When they mention That Huawei technology has a behind door. Chinese monitoring company Could use that technology to follow People throughout the world.

We received a message from Huawei to explain that really the founder And the director of the business is, in fact, A associated member of the Communist Party.

The coziness within Kwame and The Chinese state is what actually Troubles American secret services that How a PR trip was ever running to scatter.

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