HK.T.RT2861P839 4K Smart Board Software Free Download:

HK.T.RT2861P839 LED TV Smart Board Operating System Android 7.1.1, HK.T.RT2861P839 LED Board 65 inches Panel Supported 3840×2160 UHD Resolution Support. HK.T.RT2861P839 Has Multi Ports Interface Like HDMI, VGA PC Interface Antenna Interface Multi USB Ports Headphone port Audio IN/OUT USB Ports For Upgrading Software, Software Type USB Upgradeable HK.T.RT2861P839 Program.

General Specifications:

Model: HK.T.RT2861P839

Chipset: RTK2861

Resolution: 3840×2160

OS: Android 7.1.1

RAM: 1.5G

ROM: 4G/8G

CPU: A53*4

GPU: IMG7800

Audio O/P Power: 2X10 W (8Ω)

Tuner: DVB-T/T2

Service Code: 2580

Software File: Install.img

Software Type: HK.T.RT2861P839 Program

How to Update HK.T.RT2861P839 Firmware:

1. Take an Empty USB & SD card

2. Formate in FAT32 File

3. Copy The Require Bin File USB Disk

4.Insert the USB disk with the LCD board

5.Connect A Keyboard LCD TV board

6.Connect The Power Supply

7. Wait for the light Blinking to Green

8. Done Firmware Updated Successful.

Click Here To Download HK.T.RT2861P839 Firmware:

No Card Resolution Download Link
1 HK.T.RT2861P839 3840×2160.1.5G.4G.Clever55.part1 Download
HK.T.RT2861P839 3840×2160.1.5G.4G.Clever55.part2 Download
HK.T.RT2861P839 3840×2160.1.5G.4G.Clever55.part3 Download
HK.T.RT2861P839 3840×2160.1.5G.4G.Clever55.part4 Download
HK.T.RT2861P839 3840×2160.1.5G.4G.Clever55.part5 Download
2 HK.T.RT2861P839 3840×2160.1.5G.4G.MAGIC.55&58.Y.part1 Download
HK.T.RT2861P839 3840×2160.1.5G.4G.MAGIC.55&58.Y.part2 Download
HK.T.RT2861P839 3840×2160.1.5G.4G.MAGIC.55&58.Y.part3 Download
HK.T.RT2861P839 3840×2160.1.5G.4G.MAGIC.55&58.Y.part4 Download
HK.T.RT2861P839 3840×2160.1.5G.4G.MAGIC.55&58.Y.part5 Download
HK.T.RT2861P839 3840×2160.1.5G.4G.MAGIC.55&58.Y.part6 Download
HK.T.RT2861P839 3840×2160.1.5G.4G.MAGIC.55&58.Y.part7 Download
HK.T.RT2861P839 3840×2160.1.5G.4G.MAGIC.55&58.Y.part8 Download
HK.T.RT2861P839 3840×2160.1.5G.4G.MAGIC.55&58.Y.part9 Download
HK.T.RT2861P839 3840×2160.1.5G.4G.MAGIC.55&58.Y.part10 Download
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