How Amazon Go Works For Sellers and Buyers

Amazon Go Works For Sellers and Buyers

You’ve run low on provisions yet again maybe the grocery store is packed to the gills with customers and even the self-checkout lines are long or maybe you have to buy something that you’d rather not anyone see you leaving the store with. so wouldn’t it be nice to have a way around the crowds the long waits for the vague sense of embarrassment. You get when you had an 18 pack of toilet paper to the cashier so this is one of the ideas behind Amazon go a new concept grocery store that allows you to walk in grab what you need or maybe some things.

Amazon Go App

Amazon Go app on your phone and Link it to your Amazon account when you walk inside you’ll scan your phone against a turnstile and when you’re all done shopping you just walk out. Amazon has even put up signs everywhere saying this exact thing turning just walked out into a slogan to sell customers on. Its simplicity but how exactly is a keeping track of what you buy well some of the inventory control features are fairly obvious like weight sensors under the products kind of like what you see in an overpriced hotel minibar that can detect.

Amazon Go Supply Line
Amazon Go Supply Line

Supply Line

when a box of cashews has been lifted off of them but unlike that system amazon’s is smart enough that. It won’t charge you if you put it back but much of the real magic actually happens above you so if you look up in the rafters you’ll see an array of hundreds of cameras and sensors not only keeping an eye on things, but feeding information about customers moving around the store the servers that use machine learning to determine exactly what you’ve put inside your a shopping bag or your backpack or whatever. Now aside from saying that they don’t use facial recognition into this process and that some products are tagged with special patterns that help the cameras pick them out.

Human Employees
Amazon Go Cash Process
Amazon Go Cash Process

They need a surprisingly large number of human employees of the store to help customers prepare ready-to-eat meals and check ideas for those of you who want to partake in adult libations apparently. The state of Washington hasn’t decided is ready to trust computers to keep Smirnoff ice out of the hands of unsuspecting college pros, but wait why am i specifically calling out Washington State well the only Amazon go store currently open to the public is in downtown Seattle in one of the same buildings that house.

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