ICC Investigating Israel Crimes over Palestine Border Killing Issue

Israel Crimes in Palestine:

The anti-Mediacom war crimes’ Palestine demands International Criminal Court investigate Israel. So we recently touched on the UN’s discussion of this as far as the Security Council and how basically everybody wanted and in u.s. vetoed it and then they shifted over to the Human Rights Council. Where there’s no veto power and you almost unanimously voted to move forward with an investigation of the Gaza killings by the hand of Israel and still the United States.

Palestine reaching out to the International Criminal Court and trying to get an actual investigation for criminal acts involved with the killing of Palestinians. Palestinian foreign minister Riad al-Maliki asked prosecutors at the International Criminal Court on Tuesday to launch a full investigation into accusations of Israeli human rights abuses on Palestinian territory saying the evidence was insurmountable Maliki submitted a referral giving the prosecutor at.

The Hague based court the legal basis to move beyond a preliminary inquiry started in January 2015 they said quote we believe there is ample and insurmountable evidence to that effect and we believe that proceeding with an investigation is the right and needed course of action the course prosecutors launched an investigation and initial investigation into allegations against Israel when the Palestinians first joined the court in 2015 Tuesday’s referral allows that investigation to proceed to the next stage of a full investigation without waiting for a judge to give approval.

Israel of course rejected Tuesday’s move as legally invalid saying the court lacks jurisdiction because the Palestinian Authority is not a state and Israel abides by international law which I find that humorous they even have the gall to say that out loud Israel said quote the Palestinians continued to exploit the court for political purposes rather than work towards resuming the peace process with Israel it is absurd that the Palestinians actions visa via the court come at a time when Palestinians continue to incite acts of terrorism.

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