Indian Forces killed 16 Kashmiri peoples in September 2019

SRINAGAR: In involved Kashmir, Indian soldiers in their proceeded with demonstrations of state psychological warfare martyred 16 Kashmiris including a lady and two little fellows during the most recent month of September.

As per the information arranged by the Research Section of Kashmir Media Service, of those martyred six youth were murdered in phony experiences. The killings rendered one lady bereft and two youngsters stranded.

During the period, 281 individuals were harmed in the shooting of projectiles, pellets and teargas shells on quiet dissidents by Indian soldiers and police faculty. Upwards of 157 individuals including Hurriyet activists and youth were captured during the period.

The specialists additionally prohibited individuals to offer Friday petitions multiple times at the fabulous mosques including Jamia Masjid and Dargah Hazratbal in Srinagar and different regions of the domain.

Twenty-five private houses were harmed and crushed during the attack and search tasks and four ladies attacked by the Indian soldiers, paramilitary powers and police staff in the month.

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