Israel pushing America to recognize sovereignty over the Golan Heights

Trump set to recognize Israel’s request to occupy Golan Heights and it’s sizable oil resources while President Trump has reneged on several of his campaign promises namely that further populist and non-interventionist in nature. He has undeniably achieved those that appealed to his pro-Israeli Zionist sponsors. The Israeli government is now starting the Trump administration to accept Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights a part of southern Syria.

Israel has illegally occupied since 1967 international law still refuses to recognize the area as part of Israel even though. Israel has sent over 20,000 Jewish settlers to live in the area in order to permanently change the area’s ethnic demographic composition. Israel’s intelligence Minister Israel Katz told Reuters that Washington’s endorsement of Israel’s controlled the Golan Heights was now topping the agenda in bilateral diplomatic talks between the two countries.

This move was being sold to trump as a way to essentially counter Iran or further counter Iran when in truth. It’s really about money and resources a major factor behind Israel’s initial seizure and continued occupation of the area is its freshwater resources. This water is of major importance to Israel now in its fourth year of a drought. So massive that a NASA study called it the worst drought in the region in nearly 900 years yet the Gaughan’s importance to Israel grew immensely after oil reserves in the area was discovered in 2015 following.

That discovery the Netanyahu led government granted exclusive drilling rights to afec an Israeli subsidiary of New Jersey based energy company Genie Energy limited. Genie energy is backed by powerful interest in u.s. such as former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers former vice president and Halliburton executive Dick Cheney and former CIA director James Woolsey also connected to the company are powerful Zionist billionaires such as Australian-born media mogul Rupert Murdoch and England’s Jacob rothschilds. It is blatantly and internationally-recognized illegal moves such as this that they wish to stifle by making any negative comment in regard to Israeli policy anti-semitic the real question is why does the US feel.

It has some international authority over who has a right to what territory halfway around the world. If this was US land then it would make sense but just like Trump officially recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This is as ridiculous and meaningless as Trump deciding the name New Jersey the capital of China and the world collectively has said as much.

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