Jazz Warid New Weekly Internet Packages

New Internet Packages

If you make not want to go into the data activation process daily, there are so many weekly internet packages. Just get the weekly internet bundle and enjoy a tension-free 3G/4G browsing for the entire week. Jazz brings a variety of weekly internet packages for users who love to use the data volume all the time.

If you are one of the heavy data users, Jazz weekly internet packages are for you. You can download your favorite tunes and other material because you have a lot of MBs for the complete week at a very affordable price. Moreover, there is no limitation of time by them. Your package makes browsing, uploading and downloading 24 times. The package is for 2G, 3G also 4G LTE See the list below to check the prices and the date volume given in offers.

Jazz,Warid Weekly Internet Packages

PackagePriceMB LimitLimitSubscription CodeUnsubscribe
Jazz Extreme70+tax2500 MB7 (2AM To 2PM)*117*14#Auto Expire
Jazz Streamer80+tax700 MB7 Days*117*7#*117*7*4#
Jazz Premium110+tax1500 MB7 Days*117*47#*117*47*4#
Jazz Mega160+tax3000 MB7 Days*159#*159*4#
Jazz Mega Plus200+tax10000 (5000 MB for 24 Hours) + (5000 From 2AM To 2PM)7 Days*453#Auto Expire
Jazz Super Doper Weekly250+tax5000 MB7 Days*505#Auto Expire
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