LD.H510.A 4K Firmware Free Download

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LD.H510.A Full Information:

Model: LD.H510.A

Resolution: UHD 3840×2160

Display Size: Supported 40.65 inch

Chipset: Hi3751 V310 V510

OS: 4.2.2

CPU: Quad-core ARM core processor

RAM: 512_1Gb

ROM: 4 Gb

How To Update Firmware?

  • Take an USB Flash Drive
  • Format in FAT 32 File
  • Copy The Require Bin File USB Flash Drive
  • Insert the USB Flash Drive LED board
  • Connect A Keyboard LED TV board
  • Connect The Power Supply
  • Wait for the light Blinking to Green
  • After Stop Light Blinking
  • Restart LED TV from Remote
  • Done Firmware Updated Successful.

Click Here To Download Firmware Free Download

No Card Resolution Download Link
1 LD.H510.A 3840×2160.512M.4G.P1 Download
2 LD.H510.A 3840×2160.512M.4G.P2 Download
3 LD.H510.A 3840×2160.512M.4G.P3 Download
4 LD.H510.A 3840×2160.512M.4G.P4 Download
5 LD.H510.A 3840×2160.512M.4G.P5 Download
1 LD.H510.A 3840×2160.1G.4G.XINKE.P1 Download
2 LD.H510.A 3840×2160.1G.4G.XINKE.P2 Download
3 LD.H510.A 3840×2160.1G.4G.XINKE.P3 Download
4 LD.H510.A 3840×2160.1G.4G.XINKE.P4 Download
5 LD.H510.A 3840×2160.1G.4G.XINKE.P5 Download
6 LD.H510.A 3840×2160.1G.4G.XINKE.P6 Download
7 LD.H510.A 3840×2160.1G.4G.XINKE.P7 Download
8 LD.H510.A 3840×2160.1G.4G.XINKE.P8 Download
9 LD.H510.A 3840×2160.1G.4G.XINKE.P9 Download
10 LD.H510.A 3840×2160.1G.4G.XINKE.P10 Download
1 LD.H510.A 3840×2160.768M.4G.P1 Download
2 LD.H510.A 3840×2160.768M.4G.P2 Download
3 LD.H510.A 3840×2160.768M.4G.P3 Download
4 LD.H510.A 3840×2160.768M.4G.P4 Download
5 LD.H510.A 3840×2160.768M.4G.P5 Download
6 LD.H510.A 3840×2160.768M.4G.P6 Download
7 LD.H510.A 3840×2160.768M.4G.P7 Download
8 LD.H510.A 3840×2160.768M.4G.P8 Download
9 LD.H510.A 3840×2160.768M.4G.P9 Download
10 LD.H510.A 3840×2160.768M.4G.P10 Download
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