Lenovo Z5 Review & Specification – The Truth Or Lie

Lenovo Z5 Specification

lenovo-z5-specificationThe Lenovo is releasing imminently on June 5th and according to the company. It’s gonna be one of the biggest leaps since smartphones began me. let’s take a look at what’s actually going on here most of our info so far is from vice president Cheney cheng on Weibo which for those who you don’t know is a social media platform in China and let’s just say if what he’s saying is even close to true. This phone will be a very big deal in 95 percent screened to body ratio 4 terabytes of storage and a 45-day battery life.

Lenovo Z5 Review

In 95% screen to body ratio is huge the current market leaders are hovering at around the eighty-five percent mark with the exception of some bezel as concept phones from the likes of vivo and do G. The best part here is that this is apparently being achieved with no not at all as for the storage. Current flagship stops out at 256 gigabytes internally. So 4 terabytes are frankly unheard of and then you’ve got a 45-day battery how on earth is that even possible. Let me explain this is a form of marketing known as guerrilla marketing an unconventional way to promote your product to catch consumers off-guard using them as little budget as possible.

People Talk

The more you realize it makes a lot of sense, in this case, Lenovo is on the back foot in the smartphone market they take up barely 3 percent of global sales due in part tweak marketing. So here’s the thing they don’t have much to lose if Samsung or Apple made wild claims about their upcoming devices and then failed to deliver they stand to lose billions not just in unsold products. But also a brand image for Lenovo it is a way to become relevant to shoot to the top of headlines and whilst I’m not gonna say what we’ve heard is a complete lie.

Fake or Real

I’d be willing to put money down that this is a stretch of the truth. So whilst we don’t have any concrete information yet and we’re going off Chinese social media sites for our information. I would say this doesn’t get too excited 4 terabytes is a hell of a lot of storage and wouldn’t even make sense from an economic standpoint that much flash storage isn’t cheap at all and won’t be of much use to 95% of the market. It could be some sort of cloud storage solution something similar to Google photos. But perhaps a service that accepts all kinds of files alternatively. We’ve been seeing phones that support two terabyte microSD cards for a long time. So it’s possible that what Lenovo means is that they’re just bumping that up to four.

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