Microsoft Surface Studio 2 New Look & Review

Surface Studio 2

Microsoft published the beautiful Surface Studio and explained that desktop PCs don’t require to be ugly cases you drop under your table. Soon we have the unique Surface Studio 2, which is just as visually beautiful as the primary design but with means more energy under the shade. It’s more still really valuable. It even takes more than the original Studio and starts at 3500$.

But once you sit in front of this thing, with its a massive 28-inch touch screen that pivots on a floating hinge, the price is the last thing you’re thinking about. Just like before, the Surface Studio is really designed for creators, people who use computers to make digital art. Now since I’m just a word monkey and a talking head here on video, I had Boundary reporter and printed cartoonist Dami Lee try to escape the Studio 2 for building digital artwork.

There’s more than rather time on the screen to view at source images on the different window while moving. I loved having a video tutorial open in a different window while heeding along in Behind Effects.

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