Motorola One Power Review, Specification & Design

Motorola One Power Review

Motorola is back with another android one smartphone and basically, this smartphone is going to be totally different from the smartphones. You have seen before different in terms of design software updates display screen to body ratio and branding. They’re calling it the Motorola one power and it is an Android one device that means you are going to get regular updates straight from Google and Motorola is pretty consistent in updating its Android one more 2×4 in the United States.

Motorola One Power Features

It is running Android 8.1 which is so far the latest from Google. So you can expect the same treatment for the Motorola one device. Also, this smartphone is not going to be pure Android it will feature a bunch of moto actions and other module applications. Which is something nice cause I really love those gestures job for flashlight and twist for the camera and all. So that’s really great and that’s it with the software department let’s talk about the design.

Motorola one is having top-notch wear just like every other smartphone and I don’t have any problems until the company is giving you options. It’s totally fine if you hate the notch you can simply go with the Moto z3 play which is not having any knotch one thing worth noticing is that the knotch looks bigger than the one plus X. But it seems that we are getting dual front-facing shooters. So that may be the reason and there’s a chain on the bottom with full Motorola branding the chain definitely looks slimmer than the 1 plus 6 the back.

Motorola One Power Specification

You get vertically aligned dual cameras looks very similar to the Redmi note 5 pros. We also have the fingerprint sensor with Motorola branding and it lasts the Android one branding this the USB C port and I think dual speakers on the bottom with Dolby Atmos. If you ask me the design looks impressive and finally something new and different from Motorola C. There is no information on these specifications but I think that this device would feature a Snapdragon 660 or maybe snapped in 6 36 18 is 2 95.7 inches of display.

Android 8.1 audio with almost 2 years of the major software update and maybe Android P beta version will be also available straight after the launch. So that’s great and at last, as the name says Motorola one power definitely it is going to be the battery beast and according to the reports. It is coming to the United States pretty soon and will also be available in other countries there is no specific date of the launch.

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