Motorola Z3 Specification, Review and Price

Motorola Z3 2018

The Motorola Z3 plays officially here and it comes with brand new maxes on display new design. You still can attach previous motor modes. Which is something nice cause even if you upgrade to the motors III play. You will be able to use your old motor modes. But the sad part is that is going to end this year cause in 2019 Motorola is actually going to change the pin design. So at the z3 place revealed and let’s talk about its top five features so first off is the design.

Motorola Z3 Specification

It has six inches Full HD Super AMOLED display with 18 is to nine screens to body ratio just like the Moto G six and its company and this is the first moto Z play smartphone to feature dual rear cameras and not only that a major design change is the fingerprint sensor. It is on the side of the phone and the power button is shifted to the left in favor of the fingerprint sensor next feature is the model z3 play has Snapdragon 636 processor.

Which can also be found in the Asus zenfone m1 the Nokia X 6 and the redmi note 5 pro yea. It is a sort of budget processor Motorola claims that it is 30% faster than the model z to play. Which was having this knob Reagan 626 636 is also an impressive processor. But for this price I mean you add a little bit more and grab a one plus six this is also groundbreaking moving on the software is having some Motorola tweaks.

Motorola Z3 Features

Which can also be found in the previous Motorola phones we have chop for flashlight twist for camera new google lens integration Motorola experience the good part is the z3 place actually the first Motorola smartphone with Android 8.1 audio pre-installed. So that’s something new battery same as 3000 mAh which is the quite disappointing cause as a former Motors replay user. I really hope Motorola brings a smartphone with such amazing battery moving on the fourth feature is the new cameras.

Motorola Z3 Price

As I said this is the first mode of Zeigler smartphone with dual rear shooters secondary camera is just depth sensor. Which basically blurs the background new thing is Motorola has also added front portrait mode for the selfies the interesting part is that the phone. We’ll only be available in deep indigo color, however, a white person is coming really really soon but as of now, you will get single color option the last feature is that you get it at dollar four ninety-nine. Which is thirty-three thousand Indian rupees and along with the models III play Motorola is also providing a battery mode free of cost so that’s good but again at $500.

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