New Currency Notes for Eid 2019 in Pakistan

Fresh Notes

Pakistan New Currency For Eid 2019: The Pakistan State Bank has advertised to relaunch via SMS service. For issuance of new money to the wide citizens for the event of Eid 2019.

Fresh Currency Notes

In a newspapers statement, the primary bank announced that the booking of fresh currency via SMS. These services have started on 19th May 2019. While the issuance of new notes by phone SMS. The help will begin from 20th May and continue till 31st May 2019.

SMS Help

The SMS help will be given through 1700+ band branches. In 140+ city over Pakistan to guarantee most geographic access.

The costs for the SMS are 1.6 Rs. plus+t and the department ID’s of named as e-department are open at State Bank of Pakistan website.

One man may forward an SMS report including smart CNIC card number with the wanted specific department id (CNIC # space LHR001) to little 8877 number. In answer, the man will receive an SMS including the redemption code, e-department location.


Recovery code collected by the client will be correct for two operation dates as per the stated days in the received SMS. The client may then address the concerned department near with genuine national. A photocopy and id code is taken from 8877 to get new money.

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