Nokia 7 Plus Specification, Price and Review

The Nokia 7 Plus 2018:

The dual camera Nokia 7 plus with its property Android interface and large battery for its basis. Does it live up to the value of money hype it created when it was announced? Well, let’s understand it is very refreshing to see a good metal phone these days instead of a fragile steel and glass housing and the seven-plus delivers a nostalgic blocky designed. It isn’t afraid to hit the pavement the phone feels a bit edging conservative. But very sturdy in the hand and with long wide tactile locking volume buttons on the right.

Nokia 7 Plus Design

Nokia 7 Plus Design

That are easy to feel and press without looking. It’s still too white to handle comfortably with one hand but Nokia places the finger scanner on the back which makes one-handed usage a bit easier adding to the good decisions. The phone sports a modern type support for fast charging the big battery and does have a standard audio jack suite the six-inch LCD screen with the trendy two-to-one aspect ratio carries an extra polarizing layer. Which improves contrast and outdoor visibility when it comes to color representation though. The picture is less rosy and more grainy the Nokia 7 plus display exhibits saturated cold colors.

There’s no way to adjust the tone in the settings if you don’t like it stock Android and all that speaking of stock. The 7 plus season Android one phone running the so-called pure version of Android 8.1 or your, in this case, the stock interfaces thus the trade-off between the richness of features and timely updates granted. There’s no bloatware and you will be among the first in line for the next version of Android. But pull down an empty screen area to bring down the notification shade. That’s a no-go any other useful gesture extra bit helps you with basic tasks like full-featured file managing.

Nokia 7 Plus Features

Nokia 7 Plus Features

You also don’t get the transparent backgrounds interface animations less colorful icons. But you do get two new Android versions or security patches shortly after Google’s own pixels a joke camera setup with two x telephoto zoom is on the back. While the front-facing cameras with the high 16-megapixel resolution. We liked what the selfie snapper escaped both in terms of color and sharpness even though the pokey a portrait mode algorithms couldn’t tell our ear from my diverse background the handset captured stereo audio.

While filming with no less than three mixes in line with the best of Nokia’s traditions in re-recording. The camera produces rather warm yellowish saturated colors and the photos come out a tad underexposed for that contrast boost too much. Which means they’re darker than they should be the unstabilized telephoto lens while very useful for two times magnification needs a very steady hand or it very often produces a blurry picture. Video quality is about average too darker than should be the 4k Clips hiccup at times and there’s some skipped framing indicating that the image processor is gasping for breath. Here moreover 4k video isn’t optically stabilized like the 1080p one and is very shaky. If you don’t hold the phone extremely steady the frigid Eclipse up.

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