OnePlus 6 Red Review, Design and Specification

OnePlus 6: Take a look at that stunning new red color version of the one plus six. So let’s take this trusty knife and take the plastic wrap off okay and here is the box. Let’s wiggle it out and here it is the brand-new one plus six in red and see the phone up front wow that looks really a saturated tenth of gray of red excuse me. Let’s take the labels off okay it’s time to take a look inside the box and see what do we have here a typical one plus fashion very minimalist design.

You have the USBC two standard USB cable you have the one plus – charge fast charging wall charger and inside this other box you have here’s what we get you to get some user manual some literature a sim ejector tool. You have this translucent case that will help you protect the one plus six for those first few days and then you can get a better case if you prefer. But it’s nice to have a case just for those first few days.

Take a closer look at the one plus six in red from all different angles and let’s start up the phone. You can see that it’s powered by Android you can see the one plus logo right here. You have a plastic screen protector on this phone that again you can use for the first few days but if you want a better quality screen protector. We definitely recommend getting a tempered glass one from one plus and on the back of the phone, you see the very clear design dual cameras fingerprint scanner one plus logo and very prominently.

You can see design by one plus and this phone is truly a gorgeous device made in this saturated shade of red and the sides are also red. You can see on one side you have the volume keys and the SIM card slot and on the other hand, you have the mute switch and the power button. So there we go we have started up the phone. So let’s set it up real quick start and choose the one plus slate 1 plus own font which looks really good.

Let’s continue setting the phone up I have the system stability push notifications to agree to everything skip this set up as new and skip the Wi-Fi network. We can just really quickly take a look at the interface to skip the face unlock system. You have a fingerprint identification system and face unlock on this phone and boom we are in this is a default wallpaper. Let’s turn the brightness up a little bit and here’s what you get no bloatware just clean Android interface something that is a signature for the one plus series on the side. You have this little menu which you can where you can quickly see some widgets recent contacts apps dashboard the amount of available storage.

You get mostly google apps and a few one plus apps really nothing in excess. Let’s take this phone for one more spin you can look at it from the back side the sides the bottom of the phone and here’s how the red version of the phone compares to the black one, of course, it’s hard to recommend using a case with such a beautiful device. But it’s made out of glass. So beware that if glass breaks it will be an expensive repair and that’s it guys a quick look at there 1 plus 6 let us know what you think about this phone are you planning on getting it.

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