Palestine Kites Issue – Israel Prepares a New War Against Gaza Strip

Israeli minister warns of a new war on Gaza. Israel’s justice minister has warned that the government might launch another war against the already impoverished and illegally occupied Gaza Strip because Palestinians continue to fly incendiary kites over Israeli farms. Now they have the nerve to actually deem this kite terror with all that we see going on there’s a just ridiculous gaping chasm between flying incendiary kites to this over extremely militarized force taking aggressive action against the Palestinians.

It’s not to say that these kites are not damaging the reality is that they these Palestinians have taken to flying these kites with Molotov cocktails? attached which do indeed cause damage on these crops. But it just comes back to eat a proportionate response here we’re talking about a wildly disproportionate response to people who arguably have the right to try to defend themselves against what’s happening to them. It’s all a lot of ways being concocted to create another justification to carry out the very same things.

We’ve been seeing carrying out over the last so many months and much longer before that but interestingly enough Israel has stated that they have developed the Iron Dome anti-missile system and are indeed able to develop a new system to take down these Palestinian kites. Israel claimed that the Palestinian children who are flying the kites are terrorists involved in terrorism there are indeed children also just flying kites as acts of protest. These people are being oppressed now you can just you can not like their methods of trying to fight back.

Those are simply the facts regardless of their ability to stop this kite terror as they deem it Israel is now saying they might be forced to launch a large-scale military operation in the Gaza Strip literally said quote “I do not want to launch an operation” but there is a good chance that we will have to with no other option but to go in. So that we can create durable deterrence which that’s a bull that they’re blatantly saying this is we have to go in to do this to stop them or rather anyone else in the future from standing against us basically saying we’re gonna bomb random areas within the gun within the Gaza Strip.

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