Real Life Scary Ghost Stories That Will Scare You

Scary Ghost Stories

There is always been speculation as to whether or not ghosts are real-life scary ghost stories what happens after we die is an unknown mystery one that we solve all too late to tell anyone about there are those among us who believe that when we die our spirit moves on to the great beyond some spirits.

Though, for whatever reason cannot calmly move on into the afterlife and those remain as ghosts on earth haunting thought right before we begin make sure you hit that subscribe button to get notified every day for more amazing content with that being said let’s begin number five the ancient RAM Inn there are scary stories and then there are really scary stories then, of course, there are the real scary stories tales of actual events that actually happened to real people the fact that these stories.

Real Life Scary Story

Scary Ghost Image
Scary Ghost Image

Actually happen to someone has the ability to make the story that little bit more scary especially if that means that there really is a dead person involved who could have become a ghost the ancient RAM Inn was originally built as a pub in a small market town in the English countryside and was reportedly owned by the local church when it was first built back in 1145 there have been reports of haunting here since the place was first built all.

Those years ago and this building has been studied by a great number of paranormal societiesfrom all over the world this old building is said to have seen the very worst that humanity has to offer over its long lifetime some of these events are said to have included murder Satanism and child sacrifice the in itself is said to have been built on an ancient pagan burial ground giving further strength to the reports of ghost-like figures and other happenings dating from the 12th century this ramshackle old building is said to experience freezing temperatures inside at times for no reason.

whatsoever and they’re said to be an evil atmosphere that has even the most seasoned ghost hunters quaking in their boots the site on which the ancient RAM Inn was built was apparently once used for child sacrifice so it’s no wonder that this place is one of the most haunted places in the UK reports from guests are said to have seen strange glowing lights that appear in the corridors.

Ghost Walk

then there are the ghostly presences that walk the halls and the succubus that some people claim to have seen in their rooms at night there is though one specific room at the back of the inn called the bishops room this low ceiling two-bedroom is said to infect anyone who stays in it with an oppressive sense of dread priests have been known to refuse to enter the room and apparently according to the hotel’s owner eight people who have stayed in the room have then needed exorcisms this then is one scary place where all evidence points to the ghost stories.

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