Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus Review, Price and Specification

Samsung A6 Plus Review

Samsung Galaxy A6 plus aims to do just that it’s a phone that will not break the bank yet. It features a thin yet sturdy metal body a dual camera with live focus portrait mode and the Samsung experience interface. But how does that all come together once you actually start using the phone hello guys my name is Victor stop with phone marina and this is our review of the galaxy a 6 plus.

It definitely doesn’t feel as brittle as a glass phone the back doesn’t get all dirty with fingerprint smudges and you can even risk using it without a case without fearing that the slightest drop would shatter the back on the right side of the phone. You have a power key and on the left side, you get two separate volume buttons on the bottom you can find the micro USB port for charging a set left over from the past and the minor inconvenience when you plug this cable the wrong way.

Samsung A6 Plus Specification

You also get a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack on the bottom good news for those who use wired headphones still on the back is a dual camera system that bulges out ever. So slightly and a fingerprint scanner right below the cameras the fingerprint scanner is positioned within easy reach and it scans very accurately. But also it’s a bit on the slow side there is a slight but noticeable delay between the moment you place your finger and the moment the device unlocks.

It’s not a deal-breaker by any means but still worth pointing out you also have face recognition built in just register your face click the power key on the side to power up the phone and look at it and it automatically unlocks face recognition works well during the day and could even recognize me with sunglasses on but at night, it’s not all that accurate and it’s not as secure as a fingerprint scan two features that you will not find on the ASX plus are waterproofing and wireless charging not a surprise for an affordable phone.

But still something to keep in mind with the slim bezels and big six-inch Super AMOLED screen the galaxy ace x+ has got a considerable advantage over other phones in its class no other such affordable phone has the lush AMOLED colors that this galaxy has the display also features 1080 by 20 to 20 pixel Full HD plus resolution which is sharp enough. So that you don’t see any pixelization in regular use you also have four different color modes that you can pick from the default adaptive mode bets on boosted punchy colors.

Samsung A6 Plus Design

Samsung experience interface version 9.0 on top of Android 8.0 Oreo which is the latest major release of Android one worried about updates affordable Android phones like this one are often terrible at getting software updates on time keep that in mind for all else Samsung experience looks great and features some nice built-in apps like a useful weather app a well laid out settings menu and a nice built-in gallery and calendar apps at the same time. We expect more from Samsung experience other companies like Xiaomi now include gesture navigation and even their cheapest phones while no such option is present here there is, however, one big compromise that Samsung makes with the Galaxy a six plus.

Its performance the a6 force just doesn’t feel like a very fast phone. It only has the entry-level Snapdragon 450 onboard and it runs with a noticeable stutter and makes you wait for an extra second or two for apps and games to load and for things to move in terms of storage you get 32 gigabytes onboard and the option to add additional storage via microSD cards with this clear. Let’s turn to the cameras you get the dual camera system on the back of the phone with a 16-megapixel main shooter and a 5-megapixel secondary camera that work together for life focus shots. The actual quality is very good with pleasing color reproduction on photos shot during the day photos are just a tad bit on the soft side.

There is definitely a bit of excess noise but those are hardly big issues what we are most impressed with though is definitely selfies with a clean sharp look and support for live focus from the front camera selfies taken on the galaxy 6 plus looks stunning then you have live focus or portrait mode in laymen terms. Which works very well and separates the subjects from the background lightly on the main camera in terms of video quality you only get 1080p full-HD video recordings and no 4k video quality. Which is a bit of a letdown considering other phones of a similar calibre.

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