Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review, Specification and Price

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 2018

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is almost here and oh I have so many things. I want to cover in this video, So in this post, I’ll be covering all the latest experiments in terms of note 9. We have actual images of the display assembly the back camera module new schematics and so so much more so here are all the updates in terms of o.9.

Samsung Note 9 Review

Samsung releases two flagships each year one of them is in March or April that would be the new Galaxy S whereas in August or September usually August. We have the new note and in the past few years, the note lineup and yes lineup has been really really similar both in terms of the design and in terms of the specs and also the features. I mean the main key selling feature of the note lineup is actually the s-pen which some people might find very very useful. But then if you take a look at a display the display size is now almost identical.

We have a 6.2 inches display whereas on the note 8 we have a six point three inches display and now the s8 was actually a massive change for Samson I mean they got rid of the home button and they introduced. It is infinity display a very tall and wide aspect ratio display with zero bezels on the sides and extremely thin ones on the top and the bottom but then a year later. The s9 didn’t come with any major changes instead. It was a refinement of the SAS design from 2017 but even thinner bezels on the top and the bottom along with some new colors.

Samsung Note 9 Design

That was pretty much it design wise and the exact same thing will be happening with the note 9. So instead of Samsung redesigning the phone entirely, they would be improving on the note aids design from last year and that’s actually still an incredibly well designed smartphone and this is something that I’ve talked about in my previous Samsung Galaxy 9 some scouts. You know nine consumers episodes and this is what I base there’s none of that concept on to a note 8 with even thinner bezels. But if you actually had some brand new leaks on this brand new design.

Samsung Note

So the first thing actually comes from Alibaba this is a massive Chinese online store and here a seller posted the first 3d tempered glass or screen protector for the note 9 and aside from just posting the render of the note 9 itself the seller actually posted quite a few images of the screen protector. Which gives us a really good idea of how thin the bezels on the note 9 are actually going to be and taking a look at especially the bottom bezel from this image at least the bottom bezel seems to be significantly thinner than even ds9 and es9 plus ones.

This is legit then the note 9 design-wise at least. It would be quite a big improvement quite a big update from even the s9 + that was released earlier this here okay. So what else well aside from this we’ve also had quite a few case leaks of the note 9 that shows some very interesting things.

Samsung seems to have changed the camera orientation on the no nine from vertical and yes nine plus two are santol while the thing per meter is possibly a tiny bit higher than on the s9 Plus at least from this image and then second notice how many buttons we have. So we have two volume buttons on the left along with the one that everyone loves, So the Bigsby button and then we have the power button on the right-hand side and then we have a new button on the left-hand side towards the bottom of the phone.

Samsung Note 9 Specs

It was basically running on the exact same processor this number got a 45 processor what was really interesting about this was the amount of RAM which was 55 30 megabytes. So essentially Siksika bytes of RAM in total instead of the 8 gigabytes of RAM that was previously reported and 6 gigabytes of RAM would actually make the most amount of sense I mean, yeah 8 gigabytes would be awesome because right now Samsung is quite behind some Chinese manufacturers.

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