Samsung New Smartphone Galaxy M20

Samsung made the first-ever in video new smartphone executive and this was the galaxy 8s including camera hole and soon Samsung is all set to announce a brand new smartphone with gorgeous eternity you Screen. You can also call that displays drop but Samsung said they won’t copy notch. So they’re calling it infinity you okay. So the new Galaxy M family is going to replace the galaxy GA galaxy on a Galaxy SIII. I have personally used the j7 projet 8 on it.

Galaxy M

Samsung c9 and all these are same mobiles with several names and invent the same specs that confuse the latest consumer. So it’s great to see Samsung finally combining all of them into a single phone and giving all the features including the galaxy m. The greatest smartphone of its kind will be the galaxy m 20 with infinity you display yet that similar design to the 1 plus 60 opus smartphones and Vivo phones.

It will highlight a double camera with a fingerprint sensor that’s more like the galaxy s 9+. You can say J8 no knowledge about the material used. The large news is Samsung is finally realizing USB C port and there’s still 3.5-millimeter headphone jack. Yes, the rumors out there that Samsung is ditching 3.5-millimeter headphone jack from the low-end phones is false and interesting news is we also have the specifications of that device.

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