The bad face of America rejects UN call for investigation

The U.S reject investigation

The U.S praises Israel blocks UN calls for investigation into the now killing of 61 civilians. It’s very important to see this is how this continues to develop every it’s a very controversial topic today more. So then most I’ve seen recently and clearly you know one side is calling any criticism as Israel Israel in any possible way as anti-semitic. Which is interesting because anti-antisemitism is essentially about the Jewish religion not the State of Israel, not Zionism.

Which is what this is really about but all those things kind of get mushed together and that and they make it seems like anything against even calling out Israel for their very blatant human rights violations is all of a sudden anti-semitic but that’s part of the plan here to make that make sure that we cannot criticize what’s clearly going on today and this is a very interesting point here because u.s. is essential despite their facts of kind of praising their Israel’s restraint is now blocking a UN investigation into what happened very revealing there.

This is not this is in no way shape or form the first time this has happened the US has a very clear record I think it’s now forty four times in fact of vetoing any kind of resolutions that that demonize or look into Israel’s actions that’s very very revealing we even saw recently they blocked a UN investigation to Israel’s live-fire in Gaza so it’s very clear that they’re stopping any kind of further investigation into what’s going on here so if they were really raising them for their restraint in killing 61 people this wouldn’t be the case.

Now it’s also important to understand what’s going on here because people are trying to constantly just burr a barrage of false information kind of making this seem very one-sided and as I’ve constantly pointed out there are not completely innocent on either side I have no doubt that Hamas to some degree is involved in what’s going on and making things happen on this side while Israel is taking over extreme actions on the other side there are people they know whether you’re talking about throwing stones or Malt off cocktails or whatever all the claims are from the Palestinian side.

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