The USA opens its embassy in Jerusalem City, Israel

The USA government is set to relocate its Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem today a move likely to spark public demonstrations by Palestinians in December 2017 president from identified Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in a movement that led to violence in Muslim and Arab nations Trump’s girl Ivanka and son-in-law jart Kirchner moved Israel on Sunday for the new embassy availability.

Heavy security has been put in place throughout chooses to strict’s Palestinians meanwhile are set to hold major demonstrations in Gaza Strip. The West Bank of the Old City of Jerusalem and areas near new u.s. embassy to voice their outrage over the relocation of Israel. Because it’s East is Jerusalem in 1967 war a move which was not known internationally Palestinians want East Jerusalem as the capital of the future state when in Syria demonstrators took to the streets of Damascus to assert their anger about u.s. embassy relocation from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

We are fighting for justice we are fighting for freedom we are fighting for peace to our people and we will not give up until we achieve this product over 30 years of a Sharia at the rear with Woola had a few had I mean and father and Laura and America and the matter khiladi Sephora illa allatheena to shed you added one were tough ii majorly are available qu meanwhile Iran has called on the Palestinians and international community to oppose from smooth Iran which has been backing that Israel Hamas movement said it was time that international community took strong action against u.s.

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