TP.V56C.PA673 Firmware Software Download


The TP.V56C.PA673 board is a network driver board for analog tv and module. This board has with backlight control under 15 Watt, the central development backlight charge is within 18v-60V. It has regularly managed for 18″ to 24″ tubes and can help display up to 1920×1080.

Firmware Specifications:

Display Format720P HD

Update Method

Step 1

Erase All Date of your U Disk.

Step 2

Copy the Bin Files with the text file onto disk (Note: Resulation Required As you Screen Size).

Step 3

Connect the disk in USB of Board.

Step 4

Please check all the supplies, keyboard and do it manually. (Note: Please do not Power Off the supply while updating Software).

Here are the TP.V56C.PA673 software firmware below.

1TP.V56C.PA673 G 1366x768Download
2TP.V56C.PA673 G 1440x900Download
3TP.V56C.PA673 G 1600x900Download
4TP.V56C.PA673 G 1680x1050Download
5TP.V56C.PA673 G 1920x1080Download
6TP.V56C.PA673 P LM201U05Download
7TP.V56C.PA673 P LTM240CT01Download
8TP.V56C.PA673 P M170EN04Download
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