Trump and Obama is not invited in Prince Harry’s Wedding

Prince Harry met down to talk former President Barack Obama and may have moved him an invite to the royal marriage but is Trump also on the visitor list it will certainly be a royal wedding but it might not be a presidential one in a special interview for the BBC Prince Harry talked President Obama and they talked about the value of the internet and social media.

Today in shaping political opinions the two met last year during the Invictus games and since then their friendship and desire to collaborate has only deepened in an interview about his interview.

Now the host was quick to follow up on the perceived closeness of the two and directly asked Prince Harry if he knew President Obama well enough to invite him to his may 19th wedding to actor Megan Markel Prince Harry easily sidestepped the question, however, take a look well enough to invite him to your wedding well.

I don’t know about that that’s um we haven’t put the the invites all the guest list together yet so who knows what who knows really gonna be invited or not wouldn’t want to bring that surprise I am definitely sensing a desire to invite Barack and Michelle, however, this reportedly has the British government in a tizzy because it’s unlikely that the sitting president of the United States would also get an invite basically the lack of love.

Markel has for Trump is heavily documented and as such it’s highly unlikely he’s gonna receive an invitation to the spring wedding take a look at what she said about him back in 2016 in September on the nightly show with Larry Wilmore yes, of course, Trump is device and think about only female electors alone right I mean like I guess it was in 2012 like the Conservative Party dropped the female vote by 12 limits.

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