United States Support Isis, U.S Warns Syrian Forces to not Hit Isis

America is once over concerned about Syrian government’s development inside delay for it Syria. The United States warned to take firm and proper measures on Syrian government troops claiming repeat ceasefire breaches and concerned of a news that the Syrian troops may be poised for a new army plan to retake its own area in the country southern. U.S. alert issued late Friday appears as Syrian government troops have cleaned out the end Isis hides in the country south.

Damascus is presently in its powerful place since the beginning months in the war of 2011. The government has recovered all remaining rebel areas near Damascus in recent weeks including the densely populated east Gudda states as well as big enclaves in central Syria. So basically while advising against Assad regime crimes and increase the State Department is reasserting the US view that Syria cannot grow within its own sovereign boundaries obviously long acknowledged everywhere.

The U.S. suggests of firm reply if Syria attacks Isis no really in an obvious effort to remove all appearance that the United States is extinction more than Al Qaeda’s air force in Syria. The American government is threatening its Syrian equivalent and if the SSA goes ahead with its imminent south attack to kill Isis and al Qaeda rebels from its south edges. The U.S. will take specific and appropriate actions in other terms the United States is saying Syria that it had great not attack Isis violence or else.

The Syrian mess would be amazed at the public who funded fixed trained armed and organized terrorist troops in Syria would do everything it could to defend its proxy soldiers. It is rather unusual to see the US administration so simply state that Isis rebels are off-limits and to do away with also the rules of playing that it needs to see Isis ended. But talking of Lies it is sad that the normal attention span of the common Westerner is so short if it were running Americans might recognize.

The US government told them and he lists off a bunch of lies that I’m gonna read off because I think they’re fantastic to point out how egregious these lives truly are one u.s. opposes all terrorism and is engaged in war against terror – the US wants stability in the Middle East three Assad is a brutal dictator who kills his own people for Syrians hate Assad five the rebels were all democracy-loving peaceful protesters six the rebels were violent only in reaction to horrific crackdown by the Syrian military seven the rebels were democracy loving Freedom Fighters.

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