Vivo X21 Review, Specification and Price

The New Vivo X21 Mobile Phone

The new vivo x21 guys I have it is so long for this phone. This is my first-ever in-display fingerprint scanner phone. So this is the best in vivo, not the vivo b9 they launched a couple of days ago. So this is their pro flash they’ve only exclusive to China with some seriously awesome specifications so pretty simple packaging most of the stuff is written in Chinese, of course, the sponsor for the FIFA world cup ratio 2018 is there as well lets just live the box up real quick and here we have the phone itself.

It actually comes in two variants, There is one with a fingerprint scanner on the back and then AUD model which I have right now that comes in this red color and a special blue kind of colors up front. We have this vivo Plus World Cup sponsored card to place that on the side. We have the phone and as you can see pretty much scanner position is shown which means that this is the UD version with red color and no fingerprint scanner on the back.

Vivo X21 Specification

Look at the accessories, so first up we have this wall charger and this is fast charger not like the one you get with vivo v9. This is their true value things because this is their pro flagship phone. So here we have vivo earPod so you can see 3.5-millimeter jack there which means that the phones still have a headphone jack lifting this one up and we got a silicon case to protect the vivo phone right from the get-go. So it is not just a normal silicon case it has this black texture on the side to give it a cool look.

These are actually 12 megapixels with F 1.8 aperture similar to the vivo v 9 with eight or elemental camera on the front as well. This is so much better when it comes to displaying quality compared to the vivo v9 I mean this is super AMOLED against an LCD display that they have used with their v9 model it’s a six-point do it inch 1080p HD Super AMOLED display with the not. So you can see the display going all the way on the sides looking pretty futuristic like this is a full-screen experience from the vivo obviously.

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