Z.VST.V56RJ.B – Z.VST.V56RU.B Board Firmware Download

Z.VST.V56RJ.B – V56RU.B Universal LED TV Board

Z.VST.V56RJ.B is a Universal LED TV board with the V56 Chipset. In the General specs of that board, the model of this board model is LLV56 with the number as Z.VST.V56RU.B & Z.VST.V56RJ.B. Z.VST.V56 board has many input interface like PC Cable, TV Cable, Multimedia USA Ports, and HDMI.

The screen voltage of this board is 3.3/5V/12V and the input voltage is 12V/ 4 Amp. This board support high resolution like 1920×1080 pixels, 15-42 inch LVDS screen, and LVDS Single 6/8 Double.

Input Voltage 12V, 4Amp
ScreenLVDS 6/8
Screen Voltage3.3V / 5V / 12V
Both Board NumberZ.VST.V56RU.B & Z.VST.V56RJ.B

How to Update Firmware:

Copy the program file to USB Drive. Connect the USB to the LED TV board USB port. Please confirm all supplies are connected to the board like power supply and keyboard. Then check the flashing light in green and red. After this procedure unplugs the power and USB drive. That, it!!!

Z.VST.V56 Firmware Download Links are:

FirmwareDownload Link
Z.VST.V56RJ.B Firmware, Part 01 Download
Z.VST.V56RJ.B Firmware, Part 02Download
Z.VST.V56RJ.B Firmware, Part 03Download
Z.VST.V56RJ.B Firmware, Part 04Download
Z.VST.V56RJ.B Firmware, Part 05Download
Z.VST.V56RJ.B Firmware, Part 06Download
Z.VST.V56RJ.B Firmware, Part 07Download
Z.VST.V56RJ.B Firmware, Part 08Download
Z.VST.V56RJ.B Firmware, Part 09Download
Z.VST.V56RJ.B Firmware, Part 10Download
Z.VST.V56RU.B Firmware, Part 01
Z.VST.V56RU.B Firmware, Part 02Download
Z.VST.V56RU.B Firmware, Part 03Download
Z.VST.V56RU.B Firmware, Part 04Download
Z.VST.V56RU.B Firmware, Part 05Download
Z.VST.V56RU.B Firmware, Part 06Download
Z.VST.V56RU.B Firmware, Part 07Download
Z.VST.V56RU.B Firmware, Part 08Download
Z.VST.V56RU.B Firmware, Part 09Download
Z.VST.V56RU.B Firmware, Part 10Download
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